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October 06, 2004


Yeoman Lawyer

Interesting item, I missed the debates and would not have realized this topic was addressed but for this.

david giacalone

Re "frivolous afterthought": Not without a designated driver. One could have gotten a vigorous workout lifting one every time G.W.B. said "it's hard work" last week.

Re: the Kerry/Edwards med-mal plan: We come back to whether it's just "frivolous" suits that we want to stop (their plan would probably do that, as long as the reviewer was objective and expert), or all "weak" ones. We need a great legal/policy mind working on that.

I am bemused by their notion of solving the problem by giving tax credits to cover medical malpractice increases (taxpayers pay), while eschewing caps on emotional damage (trial lawyers keep collecting). Of course, a lot of things bemuse me.

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