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September 08, 2004


So Cal Lawyer

I am not necessarily for or against this new law but I was shocked at how little news coverage/debate this law received.

p.s. Thanks for the link.


For the first time in my life, I finally see why the founders drafted the non-interference with contracts clause of the Constitution. Why don't we just take all lawyers and put them under a State-controlled regulatory mechanism to ensure that all profits are distributed fairly to the proletariat... oops, I mean, people of California?

Expect constitutional challenges to this law.

Onita Lee

This "underhanded" New Civil Code" is nothing short of "evil". What better way to victimize the victim who has a legitimate reason to sue the State of California.

At present, there are several lawsuits filed against the CDC because of the untimely deaths of inmates which are/were the direct result of neglect/abuse purpetrated by the prison facilities. These grieving families are now going to be "punished for taking the proper action (a lawsuit) against the CDC, by having the "GREATEST PORTION" of any damage award they may receive "GIVEN BACK" to the State of California!!


Then to be even sneakier with this disgusting new Civil Code, should a lawsuit go to trial, the jurors are not allowed to know of the existance of this code! Should a "victim" be awarded a settlement which the jurors deem "fair", they are not allowed to know that the majority of the monies goes directly back to the State of California and the "victim" does not get the amount these jurors thought he/she was actually receiving. This is "unfairness" at it's best!

If the CDC were "FORCED" to "clean up it's act" and these enforcement rules were followed through, as they should have been many years ago, lawsuits over preventable deaths caused by the negligence of the CDC would not be necessary. It's totally wrong to allow these State run facilities, to break all the rules, cause preventable deaths to occur, then get "PAID BACK" for their misdeeds!!


Onita Lee

Mrs Linda J Burley

This is a rolling concern... to the insurance buyer, to the physician with his malpractice insurance and for the physicians office cost when you go for an office call (ultimately we have to offset the cost!).....

I am in favor of limitations,......This is my opinion alone as I am not a resident of California, but I am a Health Care Professional....and I am involved in health care services.

The Patient Advocate

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