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October 13, 2003


David Giacalone

You are too kind and generous with your praise, George, but it would be rude of me to correct you here in public.

My high school Latin being very rusty, I had to consult Guinagh's "Dictionary of Foreign Phrases" (which I bought in 1966 and still have next to my desk) to decipher your headline. I see the phrase was used by Romans at funerals. While ethicalEsq? does need a proper burial (it definitely will not be resurrected -- or will be over my dead body), my personal ghost will continue to haunt your cyberspaces. You're nulli secundus as a new web-friend.

Meanwhile, every year on this Holiday, I get a little steamed that Cristoforo Columbo had his name Anglicized in all the history books. Maybe your Fool friend can discover the culprits and help set the record straight. [Thank goodness, they don't teach that "Mark Polk" brought pasta back to Europe from China.]

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