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You Need Schoolin', Honey I'm Not Foolin'

Last year on this date, I attempted to cover over a fit of laziness with a statement of principle, thus:

Just as laborers do not labor on Labor Day, and Christians take the day off on Christmas, and memoirists rest and recreate on Memorial Day, so April Fool's Day is a day for we Fools to drop tools and relax.

Not so this year.   It is late in the Day, I admit, but I will not leave you empty-handed.

I have been genuinely surprised how little traction the Poetical Listing Method [PLM] demonstrated below has generated among webloggers.   Having launched the idea, Greg Perry almost instantly swore it off, succumbing to the very gentlest of peer pressure.  Well, this is one Fool who will not give in!   What is worse, I shall compound my sins and heighten the horrors of the PLM by wedding it to an oft-detested technology: the PowerPoint slide show.   

Reader, if you are still with me, it is with profuse apologies to the Muse that I give you:

Sonnet XVIII.ppt


[If you lack the means to open PowerPoint presentations, the PowerPoint Viewer may be downloaded from the evil enablers in Redmond, here.]


Cowtown Pattie

Aw, gee. Now any attempt I might make at PLM will be second rate at best...

I have intended to try my hand, just cannot decide on the perfect poem to dissect. Just where did I put that scapel anyway?

Perfect Fools Day gift, Sir.

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