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New Horizons in Poetry Appreciation:  Greg Perry is listing somewhat. To starboard, to port, what does it matter? 

Here is my own first attempt, another variant on a recurring theme:

Ozymandias in list format:

  • Who I met
    • A traveler
  • From?
    • An antique land
  • Who said:
    • Two legs
      • vast
      • trunkless
      • of stone
      • standing
    • Where
      • In the desert
        • boundless and bare
        • sands low and level
    • Also in the vicinity
      • A visage
        • Shattered
        • Frowning
        • Sneering
          • with cold command
        • Telling
          • of its sculptor's wry understanding of long-lived passions
      • A pedestal
        • Inscribed with:
          • Name
            • "Ozymandias"
          • Title
            • "King of kings"
          • Instructions to the mighty
            • "Look"
              • On his works
            • "Despair"
      • Nothing beside


[On an altogether unfrivolous note, let me also recommend Greg's photo, currently on his sidebar, of the moon on Frenchman Bay.]


Special Lone Star State Update [3/29/05]: Attention Cowtown Pattie!  The great Ozymandias' vast and trunkless legs have apparently been sighted in Amarillo.  Further details here.


Additional, Coyly Blushing Update [4/7/05]:  Welcome, readers from 2blowhards and dustbury!   Thank you for your kind attentions.   You may also enjoy my April 1 post, which presents Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII as a PowerPoint slideshow.

[Also: in the course of this update, I discovered that I never linked the particular Greg Perry post -- in which Robert Frost and his two roads in the wood receive the "list" treatment -- that started this.   Mea culpa, Greg.   The matter stands corrected.]



Bravo! Much better than my poorly drawn list. But then again that's why I always have troubles at the grocery store. Yet I've always wanted to start a meme. "Nothing beside."

Cowtown Pattie

How the heck have I missed these gams? I know about the Cadillac Ranch, but never knew such a statue existed! Just goes to show you, Texas is full of it - amazement, that is.

Thanks, Ozzy!


http://legs.free.fr/ More Texas legs for you and Miss Pattie.


http://legs.free.fr/ More Texas legs for you and Miss Pattie. (Via Plep)

Cowtown Pattie

Thanks, Bridget!

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