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TW3 [That Was The Week That Was]

First in a series of weekly or near-weekly catch-all posts linking this and that what has come to my attention over the preceding seven-ish days.  I have also inaugurated a more law-oriented version of the same idea [under the heading "Other Voices, Other Rooms"] at Decs & Excs.

  • Via that ostentatious liberal ("[N]o rational person could read my weblog on anything remotely like a regular basis and . . . . believe that my benders involve anything other than 20-year old Tawny Port and Dunhill Peravia."), Professor Bainbridge, a link to a wide-ranging Guardian interview with The Who's Roger Daltrey -- revealing among other things that while Daltrey once said (at the time of "My Generation") that he expected to kill himself rather than grow older than 30, the bloke's marriage, to his credit, has lasted longer than that.
  • Favorite quote: Daltrey on Ken Russell's Lisztomania,* the very apotheosis of self-indulgently vulgar Russell Composer Biopics: "I made all my mistakes in terrifying Technicolor.

* A film of stupendous so-bad-it's-good-ness -- Swordplay!  Bodice ripping!  Wagner as a  vampire!  Giant phalluses!  Wagner as Frankenstein!  Ringo Starr as the Pope!  Heaven help us all! -- for which I nonetheless maintain a certain affection, no doubt helped along by not having actually watched the dreadful thing in over 20 years.   Not available on DVD, it can be yours in glorious pan-and-scan VHS for under 4 bucks at the Amazon link above.

  • Hedgehogs and Seagulls and Planes, . . . oh my!
  • The Telegraph's report on this same story includes an insight into French labor relations:

"An earlier hearing was told that the government-employed worker responsible for clearing dead animals off the runway had slept in."

  • Note: The "flock of seagulls" involved in the story is not this one, which is in some ways difficult to distinguish from a hedgehog.
  • Additional note: I actually had a link up to this item for about 2 minutes a few days back, until I discovered that Martin Grace had taken grossly unfair advantage of being three time zones east of here in order to beat me to it.



Ha! I actually thought about you when I posted about the hedgehogs. I also thought about the Flock of Seagulls angle too, but for whatever reason didn't put it up, so I am glad you did it! While I have a 3 time zone advantage, I don't have a brain cell advantage!

Rick Coencas

I definitely share your soft spot for Lisztomania, but I think it has more to do with when and with whom I saw it rather than any particular qualities of the movie. However, I watched Tommy again for the first time in years a couple of months back, and even though it at times rivals Lisztomania for the title of most vulgar, it is musically very good. Tina Turner's Acid Queen works in a way Daltrey's original version never could, and I actually like Elton John's Pinball Wizard.

One slight quibble though. Even though it is Daltrey who sings I hope I die before I get old in My Generation, I seem to remember Townsend saying he hoped to die before his 30th in The Kids are Alright. I remember a then and now piece of footage with Pete doing a double take. But I could be wrong, the old memory ain't what it used to be.

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