Referent: Milorad Pavić
Slumlords and Lizard Kings

Trilithon for Size

Stonehenge, where the demons dwell
Where the banshees live and they do live well . . . .
    -- Spinal Tap, “Stonehenge

The Winter Solstice occurs occurred at 0324 PST today, and as we can't all be at Stonehenge for the occasion (just as well, since the BBC assures us that it is "very very cold" in Wiltshire this time of year), here are some artists' renderings courtesy of John Constable:


and J.M.W. Turner:


Those wishing to explore Stonehenge and vicinity from the comfort of their keyboards might consider this Interactive Map from English Heritage, or PBS' Interactive Stonehenge Timeline.  Dress warmly.

UPDATE [approximately 8.5 hours post-Solstice]: Matters astronomical are on many online minds lately.  David Giacalone, for instance, has posted an extended discussion of solstice matters today.  Earlier in the week, while handing out a profusion of holiday haiku to webloggers many and various, David kindly dedicated a celestial item to this Fool:

other lights
than our own--
the Milky Way
                  Gary Hotham
                            The Heron's Nest  III:1

Yesterday, Colby Cosh noted an astral occasion of particular import to Pasadenans (in which class I qualify during working hours): the 100th Anniversary of the Mt. Wilson Observatory.  On any given clear morning, of which we have more than our smog-bound reputation suggests, I can easily spot some of the Observatory buildings atop the mountain as I am driving in to my office.  The Observatory's official site (here) currently features an appropriately wintry photo on its home page.



Ever seen Car Henge?

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