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I am a one-time champion on "Jeopardy!", in both senses of the phrase: (1) once there was a time when I was a champion, some seventeen years ago, but that time is gone, and (2) I was such a champion only once, succumbing on the following episode to a slow buzzer-finger and a really embarrassing confusion of Field Marshall Montgomery with General Omar Bradley.  I earned some $13,000 and a recliner chair.  The chair is still with me, and is quite comfortable, thank you.  The highlight of my victory was my unstoppable sweep through the subject of "Tunes of the Twenties," which gave me occasion to say on national television: "What is 'Toot Toot Tootsie'?"  Ah, memories!

My earnings on the show come to approximately one-half of one percent of what has been gained (gross, before taxes) by the seemingly unstoppable Ken Jennings, but that rough beast's time has come 'round at last: the Mighty Ken falls today, and if you wish to know the details in advance, you can find them here.  [Link via Colby Cosh.]

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go stir my schadenfreude.

Update [later that same day]:Wow!  I bear witness to the awesome power of trackbacks.  Welcome, and my thanks, to all Jason Kottke readers following my link back here.  I note that Jason has been obliged by some of my brethren of the Bar at Sony to take down the audio file he posted of Ken Jennings' last hurrah, but he is still disclosing the (seemingly easy) Final Jeopardy question that ends Ken's long run.

Further Update [later still that same day]: Well no, actually he isn't any longer disclosing that final question.  Apparently Sony's legal counsel are persuasive chaps when it comes to keeping a lid on prior to broadcast.  Much the same substantive information is available, however, through the Washington Post, a link to which Mr. Kottke thoughtfully provides.


David Giacalone

If ever a guy deserves a little schadenFoolde, it's you. Such an interesting life you lead when you leave that forest.

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