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Stepped Out For A Moment - Try Again Later

It is a remarkably distracting sort of a week, so I will probably have nothing much new to say until Thursday or thereabouts. Not wanting to leave you with nothing to read, allow me please to refer you elsewhere:

Law Professors Are Interesting People; Wine is Interesting, Too

Two fresh additions to our Lawyer and Law Professor links. First, I will belatedly join those encouraging you to read Professor Ann Althouse. She covers a range of topics legal, political and cultural (as suggested by her eclectic profile). Professor Althouse has received many links, of which this is another, to her detailed review of the evolution of her views concerning Senator Kerry. In another item, she recalls those early innocent days of the campaign when we were wowed by John Kerry, Master of Doggerel:

How come we don't hear about Kerry's penchant for poetry anymore? (Here's an old post of mine making fun of Maureen Dowd's column about Kerry's interest in poetry. Key line: "Maureen, the man isn't a poet, he's a windbag!") Who even remembers when--or why--there was an argument that Kerry was better than Bush because of his interest in poetry?

Hmm. I seem to recall that I remarked on that topic at the time, as well.
[UPDATED (to add Rhetorical Question)]: And speaking of poetry, what ever happened to the Senator's embrace of Langston Hughes?

Meanwhile, UCLA Law's own Professor Bainbridge has launched an offshoot weblog to focus on his interest in wine. He calls it "Professor Bainbridge on Wine," and so shall I.

While on the subject of Wine, I should add a belated link to the daily short takes on that topic by Robert Lawrence Balzer, posted by local Los Angeles classical music station K-Mozart 105.1. Not a weblog, these are transcripts of RLB's daily "Word on Wine" radio pieces. Robert Lawrence Balzer occupies an exceptionally prominent position in the wine education of two generations of my family, and ought to be the subject of a longer appreciation here some day. [Belated thanks to my father for the Balzer link.]

And Speaking of Things I Ought To Do

David persists in reminding me of my well-intentioned but as yet unfulfilled promise to take up the subject of the meaning of "frivolous" as applied to lawsuits. In the meantime, that march has been stolen pretty thoroughly by the very fine discussion of the topic at

When not serving as my conscience, David has devoted two posts to accumulating haiku in honor of the Harvest Moon.

Rick, meanwhile, suggests that we Just Shoot It.


david giacalone

Thanks for the haiku plug, George. However, let me assure you that the subject of frivolous lawsuits still needs your care and attention. Ted and Ron barely took the first steps, and surely did not "steal the march" [whatever that means].

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