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Hafnium is Better Than None

Two days ago, this site received its highest number of daily visits yet. That record is still a number requiring only two digits (*sigh*), but I appreciate each one all the same. The real mystery is why visits should peak on that particular day, especially given my somewhat sporadic level of posting in the past few weeks. The referrer log gave no clue: this was not a case of traffic being driven by some kind soul linking to a particular item here, which is the more common cause of spikes on the hit chart.

Looking over the reports, however, I did discover two new or newish links to these pages for which I need to offer up some thanks.

First, I find that this Fool now appears in the Humbug Journal's Periodic Table of Blogs, in the bottom-most rank -- the "obscuroid" series -- assigned the designation Hf, the atomic symbol of Hafnium.

It will surprise no one that mention of the Periodic Table immediately causes me to think of the immortal collaboration between Sir Arthur Sullivan and Tom Lehrer, The Elements. An informative visual representation of the song may be had here, from whence I was led to a delightful Flash Animated version by Mike Stanfill.

Meanwhile . . . .

Thanks as well to whichever of the 2blowhards it is that has added this site to their blogroll. So I'm a "Personality Kid," am I? That'll do, indeed it will.



You do post way too somewhat sporadically, but for all that you're a superb stylist, which is not to be sneezed at. I think it was the Blowhards who put me onto you, and if you change your somewhat sporadic ways, I'll no doubt stick around.

David Giacalone

Your wife isn't going to like this Robert guy urging you to post more frequently. Although, obscure, you're more than regular enough for a guy with a job and a family. Resist temptation, Sir Fool, or you'll be tempting Fate.

Rick Coencas

You have truly arrived!

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