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Very nearly the last e-mail that I read before heading out the door for this away-week was a message from David Giacalone who combines his interests in legal ethics, client-focused practices and haiku at his weblog, ethicalEsq & haikuEsq..., calling my attention to the efforts of Professor James Elkins of the College of Law at West Virginia University, in particular this site -- Strangers to Us All: Lawyers and Poetry -- a most impressive compilation of lawyer-poets and poet-lawyers both contemporary and not. The familiar suspects are represented -- Wallace Stevens, Archibald MacLeish, even Francis Scott Key [whose poetry we learn was edited after his death by U.S> Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney] -- as are many more obscure figures. I can see that I'm likely to lose significant amounts of time in exploring Professor Elkins' site on my return, and I commend it to you in my absence.

Professor Elkins has an array of other material posted dealing with the intersection of law and Culture. I'm particularly curious about his discussions of Lawyers and Mythology. A thorough directory of the professor's online offerings can be found here.


Bill Underwood

Jupiter, Florida's "Poet Lawreate," a.k.a. personal injury attorney Wallace McCall, will be signing
copies of his book Armadillo Armageddon and Other Collected Poems at Waldenbooks locations across Palm Beach County, with proceeds benefiting "My
Story Young Writer's Workshop," a creative writing program that the author himself
sponsored during the past school-year.
For more information, contact Bill Underwood at [email protected].

Bill Underwood

Jupiter’s “Poet Lawreate” Launches Website features excerpts from
“Armadillo Armageddon and Other Collected Poems,” photos and more

Jupiter personal injury attorney Wallace B. McCall, a.k.a. Jupiter’s “Poet Lawreate,” today announced the launch of his new website

The site includes information about McCall and his poetry along with excerpts from his first published book, “Armadillo Armageddon and Other Collected Poems,” an eclectic collection of 48 original works. A calendar of McCall’s upcoming appearances is also featured.

Visitors to the site will be able to sample McCall’s poetry and order his book, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting literacy programs in Palm Beach County.

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