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What Links May Come [part of a continuing series]

Checking in to my referrer logs yesterday, I discovered that this site has been added to the link list of Gideon Strauss, whose page proclaims its eclectic offerings of "worldview revivalism, neocalvinist unapologetics, & zeitgeist surfing". Calvin -- the theologian, not the small boy -- is indeed very much in evidence, and one can also deduce that the Strauss household, operating from its base in Ontario, Canada, is engaged in homeschooling two young daughters utilizing an extraordinarily detailed curriculum of their own invention (follow the link and scroll down to "The education of our daughters (4)"). There is a great deal of Jane Austen involved. [I'm a Persuasion and Northanger Abbey man myself, and thanks for asking.]

My main reason for noting all this -- apart from thanking Mr. Strauss for his kind link, in the category of "friday flânerie" -- is his post responding to Terry Teachout's remarkably popular piece on "middlebrow culture." (Follow the link and scroll down to "The future of middlebrow culture". My own comments on the original Terry Teachout piece were posted here, and other web journal-ists have commented on it just about everywhere.) Mr. Strauss concludes:

Here is my little prognostication: the epicentre of tomorrow's middlebrow culture is in today's homeschooling movement.


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