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Quibbles and Bits

For Friday, a miscellaneous mongrel hodge podge of suggested reading and clicking:

♣ Every California candidate for Next Governor needs a Web site, and most have one. Arnold Schwarzenegger will happily allow you to download the needed HTML to post his stern visage on your own site. Arianna Huffington, who makes up in charm and good humor whatever she might lack in qualifications, offers Hybrid vs. Hummer --The Movie. Don't forget to pick up a t-shirt. [Link to Arianna via Matt Welch at Hit & Run, who got it from a commenter at Roger Simon's weblog]

♣ If you prefer your politics international, investigate the Guardian's anti-agricultural subsidies weblog. No, really, I mean it.

♣ And for your weekend listening pleasure, download the entirely-legitimate mp3 of the irresistably catchy "Worried" at KEN LAYNE's site. Everyone says he sounds exactly like Mick Jagger on this track (which he does), but if I were the Rolling Stones I would have had Keith Richards sing this one. This is meant as praise. And when you find you can't get "Worried" out of your head, buy Ken's CD, The Analog Bootlegs. If you don't, you'll never get to hear "The Monkey Cup," or "Balloon Town" or the delicious woo-woo backing vocals on "Momma, Take Another Stand" -- and That would be Bad. ("The Monkey Cup" was playing in my dreams last night, but I'd rather not talk about it.)


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