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November 10, 2004


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David Giacalone

Who gets the carcass after a deer-auto collision? Does the insurer want dibs?

Two days ago, friends told me that a deer accident happened in front of their house on a country road a week ago. The driver came and knocked on their door, perhaps thinking it was their pet. They immediately called many of the "Great White Hunters" who lived in their town, but none wanted the fresh venison. Seems there are so many deer in upstate New York, that hunters have no problem bringing down their own -- often in their own backyards. And, of course, deer-auto collisions are too frequent to even make the local tv news. I would not be very pleased if a deer lost me my accident-free discount. Stewed.


You know its funny... I saw this item too, but I didn't even make the connection. I guess annoying deer are't the same as "Angry Sheep". We need a new post heading "When Animals go Wild" and maybe we can get Mutual of Omaha to underwrite it.

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