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Blawg Republic

Welcome if you will Blawg Republic, an online aggregator of legal and law-related weblogs. Not only does the site gather and correlate a large and growing number of RSS feeds, each of its sub-categories generates its own feed, thus allowing you to collect your choice of feeds of feeds and to refeed them back out via your own feed. And so on. (It's a Circle of Life thing, it seems.)

Although my lawyerly pursuits intrude themselves here only occasionally, this Fool site has been included in Blawg Republic's "General Law" category. A perusal of Blawg Republic's Blawg Directory reveals that, for the moment at least, my more-truly-legal weblog (you know, Declarations and Exclusions) has the "Insurance Law" category all to itself. No doubt as the site's coverage expands and fine tunes itself (it only launched this week) that category will expand to include such worthwhile sites as Dave Stratton's Insurance Defense Blog, Professor Martin Grace's a tort et a travers and the anonymous but knowledgeable Uncivil Litigator. The more the merrier, says I.



Thanks for letting me know about this directory. I am now providing you some company.

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